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Emergency Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance Situations:

  • Inoperative smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector (where applicable)
  • Kitchen sink stopped up*
  • Water leak*
  • Overflowing or broken toilet causing leaks*
  • Stopped up toilet*
  • No air conditioning* / No heat*
  • No hot water
  • Power out*
  • Gas leak or pilot light out*
  • Wall-mounted sink loose or fallen off of the wall
  • Inoperative stove*
  • Inoperative refrigerator/freezer
  • Broken first floor window
  • Broken entrance door lock
  • Interior and exterior railings loose and/or broken
  • Banister loose and/or broken

*Before calling for emergency maintenance service, please review the following:

Kitchen sink stopped up — considered an emergency between the hours of 8 AM - 5 PM. Please note it is not considered an emergency if you have a double sink and only one side is stopped up and there is no overflow. Drain cleaners like Drano or Liquid Plumber are very powerful and dangerous chemicals that can cause severe personal injury, especially if an obstruction is in the drain. Please do not use drain clog removers in an attempt to unclog any drain as this may cause damage to the pipes.

No air conditioning — considered an emergency if the outside temperature is 75 degrees or above or is predicted to be 75 degrees or above at the time of maintenance request. Depending on the specific situation, including inclement weather and time of day, other conditions may apply for after-hours service. The After Hours Emergency Maintenance Service operator or the responding maintenance technician will contact you to discuss your maintenance request.

No heat — considered an emergency if the outside temperature is below 65 degrees.

Inoperative Stove — Gas: If two burners on the same side of the stove are not working or the oven is not working, the pilot light may be out—please call for maintenance service immediately. Do NOT attempt to light the pilot light yourself. Electric: If the entire stove (burners and oven) is not working, that is an emergency and a maintenance technician will respond at any hour. If all four burners on the stove are out and the oven is working, or if the burners are working and only the oven is out, that is an emergency and a maintenance technician will respond at any hour.

Power out in your apartment — considered an emergency if 50% or more of your power is out (more than half of all of your lights, appliances, etc.); however, if your power was cut off by the power company, or was never connected by the power company, our maintenance employees will not be able to fix the problem, and there will be a charge for the service call.

Malfunctioning toilet — considered an emergency when the apartment has only one toilet, and maintenance will respond at any hour. If a problem occurs after-hours on weekdays or on the weekends and there is at least one operational toilet in the apartment, please use the plunger provided at move-in to unstop the toilet or call the Resident Service Center to request maintenance service to be completed the next business day (Mon-Fri 8AM – 5PM).

Water leak — if water is leaking into your apartment, a faucet will not turn off, or water is in danger of overflowing into another apartment, a maintenance technician will respond anytime.

Gas leak or pilot light out — considered an emergency any time of the day or night. Please call for maintenance service immediately.